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Taxpayers Forced To Throw Money At Wind Electricity Producers

(15 April 2014) The Production Tax Credit, originally included in the Energy Policy Act of 1992, provides a 2.3-cent tax credit per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced by wind … $1.3 billion in 2012. There are 82 federal programs that offer financial support to wind electricity. In 2010, wind produced only 2.3% of the electricity, but wind producers received 42% of the federal government’s monetary support for electricity producers. In 2010, the wind industry received federal subsidies amounting to $56.29 per megawatt-hour. Nuclear received $3.14, and coal and natural gas producers received $0.64. (Sources: Government Accountability Office (GAO), Wall Street Journal, 10 Apr. 2014 Washington Times)

Solar Facilities Kill Birds

(15 April 2014) During a 2-year study, 233 birds of 71 species were killed by 3 solar electricity facilities in California. (Source: Fish and Wildlife Service)

870,000 Illegal Aliens Ordered To Leave Are Still Here

(15 April 2014) In 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) received information on more than 720,000 immigrants who could be eligible for deportation, but filed charges against fewer than 195,000. Of those let go, 68,000 had criminal convictions. More than 870,000 immigrants have been ordered to leave the U.S., but did not. Agents in Los Angeles released 81% of the immigrants they encountered, while San Diego released only 5%. (Sources: Center for Immigration Studies, 30 Mar. 2014 Washington Times)

Obama Care To Cost $2 Trillion In 1st 10 Years For Medicaid And Exchange Subsidies

(13 April 2014) Additional spending due to Obama Care on Medicaid and exchange subsidies will be $2 trillion in the first 10 years that started Jan. 1. (Source: Feb. 2014 Congressional Budget Office (CBO))

North Dakota Per-Capita Personal Income Now 3rd In Nation

(13 April 2014) North Dakota's per-capita annual personal income was $29,569 in 2003, $54,871 in 2012 and $57,084 in 2013. Oil and natural gas development accelerated starting in 2006. The state now ranks 3rd in per capita personal income, behind only Connecticut's $60,487 and Washington, D.C., at $74,513. 2013 was the 6th time in the past 7 years North Dakota had the highest personal income growth in the nation. (Sources: Bureau of Economic Analysis, 26 Mar. 2014 Watchdog)

National Debt Interest 26% Of Available Tax Revenue

(12 April 2014) In fiscal year 2013, tax revenue available to pay for federal operations was $1.599 trillion, not including Social Security and Medicare taxes. Debt interest payments were $415 billion (26%). (Source: 25 Mar. 2014 Sovereign Man)

Federal Government Funds Transportation That Few People Use

(12 April 2014) Mass transit receives 20% of federal surface transportation funding, but accounts for only 2 to 3% of all passenger trips and 2 to 3% of all passenger miles. From 2008 to 2013, the mass transit annual trips per person decreased from 35 to 34. Last year, mass transit trips increased 115 million. Trips on New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority rose by 123 million and decreased by 8 million in the rest of the U.S. (Source: 20 Mar. Washington Post)

$1 Trillion In Student Loan Debt

(6 April 2014) Student loan debt is $1.08 trillion. (Source: 28 Mar 2014 Yahoo Finance)

National Debt Continues To Soar

(6 April 2014) In May 2003, Obama called on the Senate to resist Bush's "unprecedented $300 billion deficit" that "underscores the recklessness of the George W. Bush administration and the Republican Congress". During the 2008 campaign, Czar Obama said, "The first thing you do when you're in a hole is what? ... You stop digging. So the first thing that we're going to have to do is to stop adding to our deficit." During the 62 full months of Czar Obama's reign, the national debt increased by $6.97 trillion to $17.60 trillion, at an annual rate of $1.35 trillion. The increase in the last 12 months was $0.83 trillion. During Bush's 95 full months, the debt increased $4.98 trillion at an annual rate of $0.63 trillion. Obama's rate is 2.14 times Bush's. Bush was bad ... Obama is horrible.

Companies Increasing Employees' Health Care Deductibles And Copays

(6 April 2014) Obama Care will cost companies with 10,000 or more employees between $151 billion and $186 billion over the next 10 years. 80% of companies have either already upped their employees' deductibles or co-pays, or are considering doing so. (Sources: Mercer, American Health Policy Institute, 2 Apr. 2014 Daily Caller)

Obama Care Subsidies To Cost Taxpayers More

(6 April 2014) Obama Care subsidies for low-income purchasers of health insurance were projected to be $96 billion in 2017. The new estimate is $118 billion. (Sources: Congressional Budget Office (CBO), 11 Mar. 2014 Tax Foundation, 21 Mar. National Center for Policy Analysis)

Federal Minimum Wage Increases Unemployment

(2 April 2014) 19 states had minimum wages above the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour in 2013. A $1.00 increase in the minimum wage was associated with a 1.48 percentage points increase in the unemployment rate and a 4.67 percentage points increase in the teenage unemployment rate. (Source: 30 Mar. 2014 American Action Forum)

$30 Billion From Taxpayers To Green Energy Since Sept. 2008

(31 March 2014) $30.2 billion has been given away by the government for green energy since Sept. 2008. Solar City has received more than $422 million from taxpayers, is $166 million in debt and has never made a profit. (Source: 26 Mar. 2014 Watchdog)

EPA Regulation Will Increase Cost Of Gasoline 6 To 9 Cents Per Gallon

(31 March 2014) The new EPA regulation reducing the amount of sulfur in gasoline will cost $10 billion in capital and $2.4 billion in annual compliance. These costs will increase the price by 6 to 9 cents per gallon. (Sources: 11 Mar. 2014 Americans for Tax Reform, 19 Mar. National Center for Policy Analysis)

Pipelines Are Safer Than Rail Transport

(31 March 2014) 830,000 additional barrels of oil per day shipped by rail from Canada would cause a potential 49 injuries and 6 deaths per year, compared to only 1 additional injury and 0 deaths for the XL pipeline. (Source: State Dept., 14 Mar. 2014 Market Watch)

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