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Expensive Renewable Electricity In California

(10 May 2018) Texas produces more than twice the amount of wind, solar and other renewable electricity as California, while California’s retail electric rates were 89% higher than Texas’ in 2017. (Source: 7 May 2018 Forbes)

Will Trump Slow The Bush / Obama Increases In The National Public Debt? Apparently Not.

(5 May 2018) During Bush's 95 full months, the debt increased at an annual rate of $630 billion. During Obama's, the annual rate was $1.180 trillion. During Trump's 15 full months, the annual rate was $905 billion. (Source: Treasury Dept.)

157 Federal Welfare Programs

(29 Apr 2018) In 2011, there were 157 federal programs that supplied benefits to low-income people … $60,000 per household that was below the poverty level. The median income of all households in the U.S. was $50,054, lower than welfare household’s average benefits. Medicaid was the largest … a combined federal and state cost of $434 billion to 69 million people. Food stamps was second … federal cost of $78.4 billion in 2012 to 46.6 million people. (Sources: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, Carleson Center for Welfare Reform).

More Working-Age Immigrants On Medicaid And Food Stamps Than Native-Born

(21 Apr 2018) Immigrants are increasingly better-educated, but are also increasingly not entering the workforce. Nearly 17% of recent immigrants in prime working age are on Medicaid and nearly 13% receive food stamps, exceeding rates for native-born residents. (Sources: Center for Immigration Studies, 18 Apr 2018 Washington Times)

California Wages War Against Coffee

(2 Apr 2018) The war against cigarettes started with warning labels and progressed to attempting to abolish cigarettes with ever-increasing taxes. Now, coffee is the target. California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act requires companies to post an ominous warning label for products that contain chemicals that can cause cancer, including acrylamide. It is produced in the coffee roasting process. Attorney’s can sue on behalf of the state and keep some of the civil penalties. The Council for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT) sued approximately 90 companies. The CERT’s attorney drinks a few cups of coffee a day. Nearly half of the companies have agreed to post warnings. 7-Eleven, BP West Coast Products (gas station convenience stores) and Yum Yum Donuts Inc. agreed to pay $900,000, $675,000 and $250,000 respectively. In the first phase of the trial, the judge ruled the companies failed to show that the level of acrylamide won’t result in one additional case of cancer for every 100,000 people who drink coffee. In the second phase, the judge ruled the companies are not entitled to a less strict standard because they failed to show health benefits from drinking coffee. The third phase will determine civil penalties. In 2016, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (cancer agency of the World Health Organization) removed coffee from its “possible carcinogen” list. (Source 29 Mar 2018 Associated Press)

Medicare Has Not Been Good Plan For Me

(29 Mar 2018) If my Medicare taxes and premiums had been placed in a private account and earned no interest, my Medicare premiums would have paid for my Medicare benefits. When I die, my heirs would receive $47,000. Instead, they will receive nothing from Medicare.

Social Security Is A Terrible Retirement Plan

(29 Mar 2018) If my Social Security taxes had been placed in a private account and earned only 4.50% per year, the current monthly income would be equal to the monthly after-tax payment I receive. When I die, my heirs would receive $339,000. Instead, they will receive nothing from Social Security.

California Will Probably Force Taxpayers To Buy Houses For Homeless

(28 Mar 2018) In 2017, the estimated homeless people in 49 states decreased by 12,322. There was an increase of 16,135 in California. (Source: Dept. of Housing and Urban Development)

Tax Fraud By Illegal Aliens

(28 Mar 2018) There were 1,227,579 federal tax returns electronically filed through 18 April 2017 for tax year 2016 by illegal aliens with identification numbers that did not match the numbers on the W-2 forms in order to receive tax refunds. Over 1 million were valid numbers stolen from people and the others were fabricated. (Sources: Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, IRS)

73.4% Of Illegal Aliens Arrested By ICE Had Criminal Convictions

(22 Feb 2018) In FY 2017, ICE made 143,470 arrests of illegal aliens. 73.4% of those arrested had criminal convictions. Convictions included 57,438 for dangerous drugs, 31,919 for assault, 15,918 for larceny and 1,531for homicide. (Source: 13 Dec 2017 ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations Report)

Congratulations California ... You Are Number 1 in Poverty

(29 Jan 2018) States with the highest percentage of people in poverty during 2014-2016: California 20.4 (39% Hispanic), Florida 18.8 (26% Hispanic), Louisiana 18.4 (32% black). States with the lowest percentage in poverty: New Hampshire 8.8 (92% white), Iowa 8.8 (86% white), Vermont 8.6 (94% white), Minnesota 8.0 (80% white). (Sources: 21 Sept 2017 Census Bureau Supplemental Poverty Measure, Kaiser Family Foundation)

High Percentage Of Prisoners Are Illegal Aliens And More Are Gang Members

(29 Jan 2018) Illegal aliens between 15 and 35 are slightly over 2% of Arizona's population and are about 8% of the prisoners who entered Arizona state prisons between January 1985 and June 2017. These illegal alien prisoners are 45% more likely to be gang members than are U.S. citizen prisoners. (Source: 11 Jan 2018 Crime Prevention Research Center)

8 Cities With Highest Percentages In Poverty ... Also Have High Hispanic Or Black Populations

(26 Jan 2018) Laredo, TX 33.0% (96.4% Hispanic), McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX 31.4% (59.6% Hispanic), Brownsville-Harlingen, TX 29.3% (90.8% Hispanic), Las Cruces, NM 27.1% (59.6% Hispanic), Fresno, CA 25.6% (49.3% Hispanic), Visalia-Porterville, CA 25.2% (57.3% Hispanic), Albany, GA 25.0% (72.8% black), El Centro, CA 24.6% (86.0% Hispanic). (Census Bureau, City-Data)

57,180 Police Officers Assaulted ... 19 Unarmed Black Males Killed

(20 Jan 2018) In 2016, law enforcement agencies that employed 586,446 officers providing service to 83% of the nation's population reported that 57,180 officers were assaulted. In 2017, police shot and killed 987 people, including 19 unarmed black males (1.9% of those killed). (Sources: FBI, Jan 2018 Washington Post)

Governments' Authoritarian Mandatory Wage Hikes Costs Jobs

(11 Jan 2018) Red Robin eliminated the "food runner" position in 2017 as a labor-cost-saving measure to offset minimum wage hikes. This year, the 570-restaurant chain is eliminating the "busboy" position to save $8 million. (Source: 9 Jan 2018 Independent Journal Review)

37,557 Illegal Aliens In Federal Prisons And Marshals Custody

(2 Jan 2018) In Sept 2017, there were 37,557 confirmed illegal aliens in federal prisons and U.S. Marshals Service custody, and an additional 21,209 foreign-born still under investigation by ICE to determine their status. (Source: 21 Dec 2017 Dept. Of Justice)

34.2% Of Individual Federal Income Tax Returns Paid No Tax

(21 Dec 2017) 150.5 million individual federal income tax returns were filed for the 2015 tax year. Only 99.0 million paid any income tax. 34.2% paid no tax. 59.1% who did not pay income taxes received $89.6 billion in cash from the IRS (refundable tax credits) after $5.7 billion was applied against income taxes and $10.0 billion against all other taxes. The $89.6 billion was simply another welfare program. (Source: 20 Dec 2017 Townhall)

Illegal Aliens Cost Taxpayers $135 Billion A Year

(9 Dec 2017) Illegal aliens cost states $89 billion a year and cost federal taxpayers $46 billion a year for education, welfare, law enforcement and medical care. These costs include the offsets of taxes paid by illegal aliens. The $89 billion includes California $23.0 billion, Texas $11.0 billion and New York $7.5 billion. (Sources: Federation for American Immigration Reform, 1 Dec 2017 Washington Examiner)

Highest Murder Rates: St. Louis 59.8, Baltimore 51.4, Detroit 45.2 Per 100,000 Residents

(9 Dec 2017) St. Louis has had a Democrat mayor since 1949 and is 46.5% black. Baltimore 1967 and 61.2%. Detroit 1962 and 79.2%.

Federal Taxpayers Subsidize Construction Of Sports Stadiums

(7 Nov 2017) Since 2000, the federal government has subsidized $3.7 billion in tax-exempt bonds for stadium construction. Of the 45 stadiums constructed between 2000 and 2016, 36 took advantage of the tax-free bonds. (Sources: Bloomberg, Brookings Institute)

High-Income People Pay More Than Their Fair Share

(22 Oct 2017) In 2015, 1% of the federal income tax returns paid 39.0% of the taxes ... 10% paid 70.6% ... 50% paid 97.2%. 34% of the returns paid no income tax. (Source: 13 Oct 2017 National Taxpayers Union)

Obama Care Premiums Will Increase 45% In 2018 In Florida

(22 Oct 2017) Requested Obama Care premiums in Florida for 2018 will increase an average of 44.7%. Molina Healthcare requested the highest increase … 71.2%. In 2013, an unsubsidized plan comparable to an existing silver plan would have cost a family of 4 an average of $7,200. In 2018, the average unsubsidized cost for the same family will be $17,000. There were 21 participating insurers in 2015 … 19 in 2016 … 14 in 2017 … 9 in 2018. 42 Florida counties will only have 1 health insurer participating on the exchange in 2018. (Sources: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, 8 Oct 2017 Washington Free Beacon)

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