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Families With Excessive Income Get Housing Assistance

(22 Aug 2015) 25,226 families received government assistance despite exceeding income thresholds. The taxpayers will pay $104.4 million over the next year for government housing units occupied by over-income families. (Source: Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Inspector General)

California Wind Electricity Is Inefficient ... Produces Only 11% Of Capacity In January

(20 Aug 2015) From January 2010 through May 2015, wind-generated electricity in California averaged only 11% of capacity in January and peaked at 42% in June. (Source: 11 Aug 2015 Energy Information Administration)

Graduating College With Loan Debt Of $35,000 And No Career Job

(16 Aug 2015) 71% of 2015 bachelor-degree recipients will graduate with an average student loan of $35,000. Only 14% of 2015 college seniors have steady, career-type jobs lined up after graduation. (Sources: After College, Edvisors, 8 May 2015 Wall Street Journal)

E-85 Is 14% More Expensive Than Gasoline To Drive The Same Distance

(16 Aug 2015) In April 2015, the average price of gas (up to 10% ethanol) sold was $2.42. The price of E-85 (average 70% ethanol) was $2.77, adjusted to reflect the lower energy content. (Source: April 2015 Dept. of Energy)

Expansion Of Medicaid Under Obama Care More Expensive Than Estimated

(16 Aug 2015) North Dakota's costs for expanding Medicaid under Obama Care are higher than had been projected. The revised cost estimate has increased from $2.9 million to $8.2 million for fiscal 2017. (Sources: Dept. of Human Services, 19 July 2015 Associated Press)

Social Security Retirement Program Has Had 5 Consecutive Years Of Cash-Flow Deficits

(8 Aug 2015) Social Security's Old-Age and Survivors Insurance ran a $39 billion deficit in 2014, the 5th consecutive year of cash-flow deficits. (Source: 29 July 2015 Heritage Foundation)

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