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Diesel-Fuel Generators Rescue Wind Turbines

(8 Feb 2023) 71 windmills operated by Scottish Power Renewables were hooked up to diesel generators to de-ice turbines during cold weather in December. Over 1050 gallons of oil leaked from the turbines’ hydraulic units. (Source: 5 Feb 2023 Daily Record)

Switzerland May Take Drastic Measures To Reduce Electricity Use

(5 Feb 2023) Switzerland has drawn up emergency measures aimed at reducing strain on the power grid. The draft of ways to reduce energy consumption include: reducing the number of hours shops are open per day, reducing the amount of heat nightclubs can use, banning the use of EVs unless it is deemed necessary, banning streaming services and game consoles, turning off Christmas lights, and closing sports stadiums and leisure facilities. (Sources: Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten, The Daily Mail, Breitbart, 4 Dec 2022 BlabberBuzz)

Impact Of Wind Farms In The North Sea (World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farms)

(3 Feb 2023) North Sea wind farms generate an increase in sediment carbon in deeper areas and a decrease in dissolved oxygen. Changes in organic sediment distribution and quantity could have a negative effect on the habitat quality for benthic species. Previous studies have suggested that wind farms negatively impact a wide range of marine life … including scallops, quahogs, clams, finfish, marine mammals and sea turtles … on the U.S. east coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Ships used to build and maintain offshore wind farms burn diesel fuel. Pile-driving, seismic profiling and trenching disturb fish larvae, increase noise levels, cause sedimentation of the water and adversely impact mammals that rely on sound for predation, migration and communication. (Sources: Springer Nature’s Communications Earth & Environment, 8 Dec 2022 BlabberBuzz)

Foreign-Born Population Increased 3.7 Million In 2 years

(2 Feb 2023) The foreign-born population increased 0.9 million in 4 years from Nov 2016 (Trump elected) to Nov 2020 (Biden elected) and 3.7 million in 2 years from then until Nov 2022. (Source: 21 Dec 2022 Center for Immigration Studies)

The Border Is NOT Secure

(24 Dec 2022) The Biden administration claims the border is “secure”. The numbers of gotaways (not detained) were 60K in FY2020, 389K in FY2021 and 599K in FY 2022.

Authoritarian Environmentalists

(13 Dec 2022) Netherlands Nitrogen Minister announced the government will make one-time compulsory purchases and close down 2,000 to 3,000 farms and other businesses that are large nitrogen emitters to align with an EU emissions reduction target of 50% by 2030. (Sources: 28 Nov 2022 The Telegraph, 1 Dec BlabberBuzz)

E-bikes Cause 140 Fires In New York City

(13 Dec 2022) E-bikes are responsible for at least 140 fires in New York City, injuring 140 and killing 6 people in 2022. (Sources: New York Post, 30 Nov 2022 The Western Journal)

EV Range Drops 41% With Heater On

(13 Dec 2022) Based on tests of 5 EVs (BMW, Chevy, Nissan, Tesla, VW), the average range dropped 12% with heater off and 41% with it on at 20F ambient temperature … dropped 4% with A/C off and 17% with it on at 95F ambient temperature … compared to range with both off at 75F ambient temperature. (Source: 7 Feb 2019 AAA)

Pollution Created To Make EV Batteries

(5 Dec 2022) Mining equipment using diesel fuel dig up 500,000 pounds of earth to make a single 1,000-pound EV battery. (Sources: Manhattan Institute, 4 Dec 2022 The Western Journal)

California Complains About High Gasoline Prices

(19 Nov 2022) California crude oil production decreased from 579,000 barrels per day in 2009 to 342,000 in 2022. U.S. production increased from 5.14 million per day to 11.37 million. Importing oil from other states to be refined in California or importing gasoline costs money. (Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration)

Record 2.38 Million Illegal Aliens Detained In FY2022

(19 Nov 2022) In FY 2022, there were a record 2,378,944 illegal aliens encountered at the southern border plus 599,000 who avoided detention. (Sources: Customs and Border Protection, 22 Oct 2022 Fox News)

Companies Leaving California

(19 Nov 2022) 11 Fortune 1,000 companies left California during the last three years. (Source: 3 Nov 2022 NEWSMAX)

Fox News Beats MSNBC And CNN

(19 Nov 2022) During Sept, Fox News had more daily average viewers (1.48 million) than MSNBC (751,000) and CNN (533,000) combined. Fox News had the 13 most watched shows on cable news. (Source: 1 Nov 2022 Mediaite)

Record 1-Month Border Encounters

(18 Nov 2022) There were 230,678 (7441 per day) illegal-alien border encounters in Oct, a 1-month record … another 64,000 (2065 per day) avoided detention. (Sources: Customs and Border Protection, 15 Nov 2022 FOX News)

Fox News Smashes CNN And MSNBC

(31 Oct 2022) On Oct 18, the 16 most watched cable-news programs by people 25 to 54 years old were on Fox News ... and 18 of the 19 most watched. Source: (18 Oct 2022 Nielsen Media Research)

Interest On National Debt Almost As Much As Military Spending

(30 Oct 2022) In FY 2022, the federal government received a record $4.9 trillion in revenue ($2.6 trillion in individual income taxes). Interest on the national debt was $718 billion, nearly as much as $727B in military spending and more than education ($639B) and Medicaid ($592B). (Source: U.S. Treasury)

Student Learning Is Disaster

(29 Oct 2022) The 2022 high school graduating class had the lowest ACT average score (19.8) in 31 years … 5th consecutive year of declines. The test sections (English, math, reading & science) were scored individually on a scale of 1 to 36 and an average was calculated. 22% of students met all 4 college readiness benchmarks and 42% met none of the benchmarks. What did you expect? There were no sections on social justice, critical race theory, social media, equity, cancel culture or gender identity. (Sources: 12 Oct 2022 ACT, 14 Oct Newsmax)

Conception May Be At Risk In The Future

(23 Oct 2022) The percentage of U.S. and European men with a sperm count above 15 million (value considered “low” by Mayo Clinic) decreased from 85 in the 2002–05 period to 79 in the 2014–17 period. The percentage lower than 5 million increased from 9 to 11.5. The average total testosterone for a man decreased from 605.39 in 1999-2000 to 451.22 in 2015-2016. A level of at least 300 is normal for a man. (Sources: American Urological Association, Scientific Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 12 Oct 2018 The Atlantic)

Tesla 3 Isn’t Cheap

(23 Oct 2022) The least expensive Tesla (Model 3) MSRP plus mandatory delivery fee is $49,690. The range is 267 miles.

No Additional Water For Drought-Stricken California

(8 Oct 2022) In May, the California Coastal Commission voted 11-0 to reject a desalination plant near the town of Costa Mesa because of environmental concerns. Obviously, the water returned to the ocean has a higher concentration of salt in an extremely local area … until it mixes with the rest of the oceans … 71% of the earth’s surface. A plant down the coast in Carlsbad has been operating since 2015, approved before statewide desalination regulations went into effect. (Source: 12 May 2022 Reuters)

Who Buys EVs?

(8 Oct 2022) Apparently, liberals. Only 12.0% of people 18 and older live in liberal California, but 38.7% of EVs in U.S. are registered in the state.

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